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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

House for sale in Brampton - $270K

Detached house for sale (bungalow) in Brampton.

Address: 69 Crawford Dr, Brampton, Ontario
Main intersection - Queen St. East / Hwy 410, Brampton, ON.
MLS area - W23.
Detached house for sale in Brampton, Ontario

House for sale for this price at least has to bring our attention.
It is hard to find anything where it's possible to live that costs less than $300,000 in Toronto and suburbs.

Approx. 1200 sq.feet (120 sq.metres), plus finished basement.
Entrance to a Brampton house

House Age
34 years.
The roof has been replaced in 2006.
Full basement renovation in 2008, everything is new and shining.

Property Type
Detached one-storey house.
One car garage.
One car garage

Lot size
60 x 100 feet (18 х 30 metres).
Wide enough.
The lot and the house for sale in Brampton, Ontario

Kitchen and Appliances
Some appliances are almost new,
some may require replacement.
There is a central air conditioned in the house.
Kitchen in the house

Main Rooms
Because of bungalow all the rooms as you understand are located on the same floor. We'll talk about basement a bit later.
Living room in house in Brampton, Ontario
So we have two bedrooms, kitchen and one spacious living room - here we are, and that's pretty much it. I wouldn't say it is much room at the house.
Rooms in the house for sale

Two bedrooms on the first (main) floor,
Master Bedroom, Brampton
Two more bedrooms are in basement.
Bedroom in the basement

Basement is dry and almost light,
it's definitely something the owner may be proud of.
The basement
Completely renovated at 2008.
Stairs to basement
Painting looks like "yesterday-was-wet",
all woods are fresh, nothing tells about the house age.
Brand new basement is always nice you know...
Brampton house basement
The house is slightly elevated (actually it is called Raised Bungalow), so the basement includes light windows, and there is an optimistic impression of airy rooms.

Driveway and Garage
Four cars driveway.
There is also one car garage however it looks very antique, the garage door is close to be disintegrated if you decide to open/close it every day. No surprise the garage is not daily used - it works as a garden shed where are lawn-mower, old children toys, garden/home tools and other kind of rusty metal junk conveniently stored.
The garage - property for sale in Brampton, Ontario

The backyard of course cannot be compared to those included into brand new houses builders offer thee days. This backyard is large, faces to some neighbors however the neighbors are somewhere reasonably far.
The backyard
Very cool as a children or pet playground.
Backyard once again

Brampton is a bit unusual city in Greater Toronto Area.
It is different because it is visually one of the most one-nationality dominated areas in GTA.
Brampton is actually a center of Indian community.
About the area: Brampton, Ontario
But these blocks look multicultural - you can see different countries-born Canadians here, and I like it.
The road is nearby

There are few schools in walking distance (10-15 minutes).

As selling agent affirms Brampton is one of the greenest-n-parkest cities in Canada.
So the number of parks squares is the highest as per
Green area

Walking to Queen St East (5 minutes) you'll find a big plaza with a number of different shops.

Public Transit
Highway 410 is within 3 minutes of driving.
Local Brampton buses are on Queen St. East (few hundred metres).

Property Tax
$3000 for 2008.

Light and just renovated basement.
Very cozy family neighborhood.
Dining room of house in Brampton

The house is not so spacious.
The garage actually cannot be used.
You are ok to commute if you work in Brampton / Mississauga / Etobicoke / Concord. Could be problems with commuting to let's say Markham or Scarborough.
Room in a basement

If you are not scared by "Brampton" word then it makes sense to take a look at this property. On my opinion this is one of the nicest places in Brampton. And of course a house for $270K attracts attention of potential buyers.
My personal opinion - 7 out of 10.

Living room: 3.98 m x 4.38 m
Kitchen: 3.25 m x 5.87 m
Master bedroom: 3.67 m x 3.11 m
Bedroom 2: 3.26 m x 3.16 m
Bedroom 3: 3.28 m x 3.45 m
Bedroom 4: 2.95 m x 3.27 m
Recreational, Games room: 5.14 m x 6.40 m
Neighborhood of the Brampton house

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Detached house in Tottenham ($230K)

Detached 2-storey house in Tottenham.

Address: 87 McKnight Cres, Tottenham, Ontario
The major intersection: Queen St / 5th Line, Tottenham, ON.
MLS area - N19.

To be honest I am not so familiar with Tottenham real estate prices but comparing them to Toronto prices those looe very very good. At the same time if you have to commute to your workplace to Toronto / Brampton / Concord / Richmond Hill then this location (I mean Tottenham) is the same as Newmarket (where the real estate prices are 50% higher) - the distance to Highway 400 is almost the same.

The original price was $250K, then $235K, now it is $230K and I guess it's not the limit. It looks if you come and bring $220 offer the owner will be glad to discuss it, and maybe give you a tip for a beer. :)
House in Tottenham, Ontario

House Size
Approximately 1600 sq.ft. (160 sq.metres), plus finished basement.

House Age
Near 10-15 years old.
I'm always surprised why usually an agent doesn't know (doesn't tell?) exact size and age of the property.
Mistyfing those questions like I'm asking about some military secret...
Maybe they don't know really?

Property Type
Detached two-storey house in residential area.
There are central air conditioned and central vacuum in the house.

Lot size
30 x 105 feet (9 х 30 metres).
By the way it's not so huge lot even for GTA, not saying about such far-far-away areas like Tottenham.

Kitchen and Appliances
Clean and nice.
Absolutely good "my own home" environment, and to live here would bring no negative points.
Kitchen in Tottenham house

Main Rooms
Dining room and living room have no visible separators and are practically the same big room.
Dining room in house for sale in Tottenham
There are hardwood floors everywhere and it looks very organic with even not the biggest footage.
Living room in Tottenham house

There are three bedrooms on the second floor.
Looks pretty standard by Canadian tendency.
Master bedroom

Basement is finished and spacious but unfortunately a bit dark.
No windows however nothing that looks wet or smells bad.
Basement is important for any house listed for sale

The house has an attached garage for one car,
two more cars can be placed on paved driveway.

Backyard is not very big but cosy and pleasant to be at.
Wood deck.
The backyard is bordered by tall wood fence.
Faces not to a neighbor but to a children playground which is very nice as for me.
No direct access to the playground though.
Backyard in house for sale listed in Tottenham, Ontario, Canada

The area is very nice, and it's not a surprise - so far from Toronto so good :)
Very clean and quiet.

Are very close to us, maybe 5 or 10 minutes of walking.
The area looks very safe (to allow children to walk themselves) because even cars are moving not so often. Like in any village in middle of nowhere though :)

There are few children playgrounds withing a walking distance, and a big park in 10 minutes of driving (Tottenham Conservation Area).

Two big grocery stores are located on opposite ends of the town so no risk to die because of lack of food. Also the near-placed plazas have many small convenience stores that carry all the stuff required for life :) including few family doctors (it's hard to find one in Toronto, but here the situation is much better).

Someone said there was a bus that can take you and move somewhere closer to the civilization. But I'm afraid living without a car is impossible in Tottenham.

Property Tax
~$2050.00 for the year of 2007.

Relatively low price.
Very nice neighbourhood - everything is very quiet, clean and near-by.
Far from noisy Toronto, another style of life.
Main manufactoring plant of Honda Canada (in Alliston) is withing 10-20 minutes of driving (that's regarding a job).

Anyway the house could be a bit more spacious.
The nearest hospital is in Newmarket (more than 30 km).
There is no variety of schools and after-school programs comparing to Toronto and/or suburbs.

Everythign depends on where you live and what style of life you prefer.
I mean for this house the question is not "I like the house or not", but "I like Tottenham or not".
The house is nice for a family with up to 4 people.
The price is good and you won't find anything like that in Toronto or GTA.
So if you work from home, or need to commute to Barrie, Alliston, Orangeville or Newmarket - this town can be suitable for you.
You can reach Hwy9/Hwy400 intersection in 10-15 minutes, there are steps to north Toronto from there.
My opinion - 7 out of 10.
Tottenham house for sale

Technical details
Kitchen: 4.42 m x 3.05 m
Dining room: 7.17 m x 3.05 m
Living room: no data but it looks that the previous demensions (7.17 m x 3.05 m) are for both Dining & Living rooms together
Master bedroom: 3.75 m x 3.35 m
Bedroom 2: 3.35 m x 2.52 m
Bedroom 3: 3.11 m x 2.67 m
Game room in basement: 6.86 m x 4.12 m
Laundry room in basement: 4 m x 2 m

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